Otters, a Butterfly, and Shostakovich

I dunno about you, but for me it’s been that kind of a day, though peppered with small joys. This video is one of them. Turn your sound up. This morning I've learned that the Otters See a Butterfly video is significantly improved by the addition of some Shostakovich. — Tom Peck (@tompeck) July…

Top Tip: Snap Your Stove!

The best tip for peace of mind when you’re headed out on a trip.

Summer Vacation: it’s not too late to find a pet sitter!

If you’re thinking of heading out on the trail and worried about what to do with Fluffy or Fido or your gaggle of goats and two retired ponies or what-have-you, fear not! You need not worry about whether bears prefer Persians to Siamese; go ahead and leave all those worries behind, along with your pets….