Dog Names in New York: The greatest dataset of all time and space

dog names in nyc
dog names in nyc

This is unbelievable: a map of the most popular dog names in NYC, thanks to stats derived from licensing data. Hover over a bubble to see the name (Coco still going strong after all these years, Bernie not as popular on the Upper West Side as expected). The site even has a handy link to get or renew your dog’s license.

This is the kind of assignment that brings tears of joy to a scientist’s eyes. For THIS, we went to university! YAAAAAASSSS!


Dog Walking and Walk/Running in Nepean

Buddy is bushed
Buddy is bushed

See? Right there, you can see the effectiveness of our Nepean-based dog walk/run service. Buddy is a six year old Springer Spaniel and when he’s not absolutely flat on the carpet as in the above photo, he’s a 60 lb bundle of energy that demands working off. He is, in fact, why I started a walk/run program in the first place, and if it works for me with two legs, you can imagine it works twice as well for him with four.


Okay, maybe it’s marketing, but it’s true that both Buddy and I have lost weight and gained muscle and gotten our respective temperaments in order (he doesn’t try to climb onto my lap with my laptop computer on run days; I don’t threaten to make him pull a cart full of tourists when he does that).

If you’d like YOUR dog to work off some energy, gain some strength, get some practice on the leash (yes, always on the leash, do I look like I enjoy paying fines?) then hit me up. I’m new to the Ottawa and Nepean area, but have six years of professional pet-sitting experience back in BC, with references.

Pricing is $30 for an hour’s walk/run, $20 for an hour’s walk, and since I’m dependent on transit, my radius is restricted to places I can get to within 45 minutes¬†transportation time. Now we ALL have an incentive to encourage efficiency at OC Transpo!

Hit me up via my Services Page, and let’s frappe la rue!