This can’t be right

The Martini of Yog-Sothoth
The Martini of Yog-Sothoth

It’s mid-week. It’s been a hard week. And tonight I am skipping not one but two events with free drinks just to stay home and rest, having been up since the day before yesterday, working and fixing the damn computer. This isn’t like me: sure, one event is just wine and appies, but the other is appies and GIN COCKTAILS made by Jay Jones and if you know anything about me, gin, or Jay, you’ll know that is not an occasion to be missed.

I’m not getting old, but I may be getting sober. Dear god, I’m not sure either I or the world is ready for this. Somebody warn the government!

Oh wait, happy thought! I’ll see Lydia this weekend and we’ll make up for lost time, no doubt.


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