Have Bus Will Travel

schoolbus not exactly as pictured
schoolbus not exactly as pictured

Hobocoaster Pet and House Sitting is going mobile at last!

After several years of coveting my friend’s converted schoolbus, it looks like I’m finally going to get possession, at least for the summer. Now I’ll be able to travel where ever the work is, which is great, and live inside this luxuriously-appointed and 80% off the grid moveable home in between gigs.

It’s cheap, it’s eco-sensitive, it’s hobocoaster-sized, and you can drive the thing with a regular old Class 5 license!

Now, what I need from YOU YES YOU DON’T LOOK AWAY I’M TALKING TO YOU is a place to park said bus. It’s 30′ long, not enormous but too big to park on the street, and I would need to plug into a single extension cord for lights and computer and wifi. I don’t need heat, I have my own hot water system, I don’t need a water hookup (although if available that’s really convenient). I need a driveway long enough the bus’s bum doesn’t block the sidewalk or a rural or semi-rural piece of property with electricity.

So far, most of the options that have presented themselves are actually more expensive than renting a 1-bedroom apartment. As you might imagine, that doesn’t quite fit with my reasons for buying the bus. I estimate I will use less than $75 per month in power, possibly even less than $50.

As a professional pet and house sitter with farm and inn experience, I’m more than willing to work in exchange for part or all of the rent. In fact, I’m actively looking to get more physical activity into my life, so active work would be a huge plus as far as I’m concerned. And I can of course do internet marketing for resorts, rv parks, services, shops, wineries, and restaurants. As past president of the Social Media Club of Vancouver, that’s old hat to me.

Anyway, if you have any leads, drop me a line at lorraine.murphy at gmail dot com. Much appreciated! If you’re really nice to me, I’ll even let you drive it!


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