On the Road Again: as of October

Well, tonight I’m writing from the cosy confines of a cottage-like houseboat tucked away under the Second Narrows bridge in North Vancouver. Thanks to Rainpocalypse, it’s moving around so much that both dogs are seasick and went to bed without so much as looking at their dinners. Thankfully, although I suffered from that excruciating ailment when I was younger, I appear to have gotten over it, which is AWESOME because I LOVE boats!

Anyhoodle, this is just a quick note to say that the booking here ends September 20. After that I’m booked to care for a friend’s two cats until she returns from California, probably sometime mid-October. Then I’m free as a bird and looking to potentially fly away from the Lower Mainland to somewhere there are snowbirds needing a caretaker or vacationers needing a pet-feeder-petter-and-exerciser.

All of which is just to say that if you need someone to look after anything from a boat to a penthouse, a minnow to a mustang, I’m available as of the middle of October. Ping me via the contact form.


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