Marine Break-ins Mean Heightened Security in North Vancouver, Bowen Island, Howe Sound


Vancouver Police have announced arrests in a series of break-ins and thefts in marinas and anchored vessels throughout Howe Sound and the North Shore. While it’s common to leave your summer love sailboat, etc, at a marina over the winter, it’s critical that you ensure the boat is looked after, looked in on, even if the marina has security. That means getting inside and checking to see everything is still there.

Security often means “from 6pm-6am” leaving the daylight hours wide open, when strangers are around on working docks anyway and no-one would notice a stray “worker.”

Consider adding a live-aboard boat-sitter, if only on a  part-time basis. Depending on the boat and the rental market, you might even be able to charge them rent, which of course would increase your obligations to them. If you’re not using the boat until Spring, it’s worth it to put a quiet, responsible person in place for the peace of mind.

If you don’t want to deal with anyone else’s housekeeping habits, you can hire a cleaning service to do a full Spring Cleaning after they leave, getting your boat clean and fresh as new.

I’ll be boat-and-dog-sitting at a marina in North Vancouver come February, and I’m very familiar with the relaxed, welcoming atmosphere that long-term marina residents have. It’s far better to preserve that by preventing problems than to try to fix it after someone’s had a break-in.

If you’re looking for a pet-sitter, house-sitter, farm-sitter, check out our Services page and use the contact form there to get in touch. If you’d like to be a real pal, download and print our Flyer and put it up at your local vet, groomer, or pet food store.


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