The Gap: nothing to do with reasonably-priced casual wear

No, I mean MY gap, ie the time between my last gig, which ended January 13, and my next gig, which begins February 16. I’ve got, and you will know this if you’ve been following me so far, no gig right now. Which means, no money, and couch-surfing my imposing self at friends’ houses. Which, I love my friends and they love me, but we’d just as soon meet for coffee rather than breakfast, lunch, dinner and midnight snacks every day.

The solution: another gig. or two. or more. So…

I hit Used Victoria, Used Parksville/Qualicum/Nanaimo, Used Tofino/Ukee, Used Vancouver, Used Kelowna/Penticton/Okanagan/Vernon/Kamloops with ads for both house-sitting and pet-sitting. Half the house-sitting ads I put in the House Services/Maintenance category and half I put in the Travel category, so we’ll see which one pulls better.

gypsy caravan



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