Who’s a good boy? PACER!

pacer bear attack

“Pacer is my hero,” said Roberts, who plans to return to trail-running as soon as possible. “He’ll put a chase on a bear or a moose to allow me to continue to run safely. He’s a great running partner.”

Not just idle words. Reid Roberts’ border collie Pacer and he were out for a run on Tuesday near Prince George, BC when they surprised a bear sow and two cubs. The bear went into attack mode, swatted Roberts to the ground, and that’s when his dog Pacer attacked, distracting the bear and drawing it away so that Roberts could call for help.

Roberts ended up in hospital with some pretty showy scratches and bruises, and sixteen stitches in his left hand. Pacer turned up at a friend’s house not long after, perfectly fine.

Border collies. Is there anything they can’t do?

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