It’s S.A.D.

S.A.D. in action

Not Seasonal Affective Disorder, that deprived-of-light-and-will-to-live feeling so common on the raincoast of North America. This is the Speech Articulating Device, and it bridges the gap between human and canine communications in an all too real way.


I can see a market arising for Border Collies as algebra tutors, possibly even replacing tenured professors at universities, and for Labs as personal and career coaches. Don’t their faces always say “I beLIEVE in you!”?

If you’re looking for a pet-sitter, house-sitter, farm-sitter, check out our Services page and use the contact form there to get in touch. If you’d like to be a real pal, download and print our Flyer and put it up at your local vet, groomer, or pet food store.


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