Signs of Security: Practical Considerations for Pet-Sitters

geo rocking horse
Image via this really clever ad from TAM Airlines

On Facebook today, a very wise (and suddenly wiser today) friend of mine posted about a recent burglary at her place while she was traveling. She had someone come in to look after the animals while she was away, of course, but the place was burgled while the farm-sitter was off the premises, looking after other clients.

The very nice RCMP officer who took her statement explained that it’s a security risk to have a pet-sitter who advertises on their vehicle, as crooks can see who’s away by watching where that car goes/parks. Essentially, following a pet-sitter on their rounds is a great way for crooks to map out a bunch of places to hit.

This got me thinking. If I had a car to tootle around in, I’d definitely want to advertise my services on it, BUT now we are aware of this security issue. We owe it to ourselves and our clients to protect against that kind of victimization. But there is a way!

Last year I did a lot of writing for forums and websites in the trades: people like plumbers, lawn care people, painters, that sort of thing. And they are always looking for inexpensive, effective ways to advertise, so I wrote a lot about those options. One of the best is to wrap their car or truck with a 360 degree ad. That’s not the kind of thing, however, that can be easily removed when you’re going to a client’s.

This is. These 2 12×24 Blank Magnetic Sign Sheets – Blank Car Magnet Signs can be printed with your logo and business information and slapped on your door or hatchback any time you’re just jaunting around on your own business, and removed when you are heading on your client rounds.Solves two problems in one! And far cheaper than a wrap or actually painting on your car.

If you’re looking for a pet-sitter, house-sitter, farm-sitter, check out our Services page and use the contact form there to get in touch. If you’d like to be a real pal, download and print our Flyer and put it up at your local vet, groomer, or pet food store.


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